ENGIE RCS has been awarded the Specialist Trade Alliance of Singapore’s Certificate of Accreditation at the SBSC Prefab MEP Day 2022 held 1 Sept 2022 at the VOCO Orchard Singapore.

The award is testament that ENGIE RCS has fulfilled the requirements of the prefabricated Mechanical Electrical Plumbing (MEP) Manufacturer Accreditation Scheme in the distribution system category, to produce ACMV: ducting, fire protection, chilled water piping and electrical systems.

Benefits of a MEP Accreditation Company

Construction Productivity

Using prefabricated MEP systems can achieve timing savings of up to 60%

Improved Workplace Safety

Off-site fabrication ensures that work-at-height duration is vastly lowered, enhancing safety.

Environmental Performance

Pre-fabrication results in a dust and noise pollution reduced construction site, promoting a quality work environment.

Higher Quality Control, Quality Assurance

Improved quality of MEP products are the result of components and equipment assembled in a controlled factory environment.

Considerations to Using Prefabrication MEP

Identify Prefabrication Areas

Places such as services cores, MEP plants that utilize prefabrication will ensure higher productivity gains.

MEP Specialist & Contractors

Early coordination with an MEP specialist and their contractors will enhance service distribution and

Site Project Management

Delivery routes and lifting equipment should be planned by the project team in advanced. This is due to the physical heavy and bulky nature of MEP systems. This should result in an efficient installation process.

Maintaining of a MEP System

Traditional and prefabricated MEP systems have minimal difference. Important to incorporate maintenance considerations into MEP system design before fabrication. Issues such as location, orientation of valves, working space for maintaining, etc. are important points.